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HiT DBMoto Data Replication

You are no doubt already aware that DSCallards are a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. Many of our customers have struggled with data replication to support the reporting needs of the business. It is this that has led DSCallards to become the UK distributor for HiT Software. HiT Software's flag ship product DBMoto has a long history as delivering a Low Total Cost of Ownership real-time data replication solution.

DBMoto supports data replication between many of the databases being used today along with optimised versions to support big data analytical databases such as Netezza, Vertica or VectorWise.

Over time most businesses increase the value gleaned from BI and reporting and as such the frequency at which the source databases of production systems are queried increases. This demand for information leads to real impacts felt both by individuals and the business as a whole. Maybe as a result important data transactions get delayed or even lost. If that happened just once, what would that mean to the business and you? A lost customer or revenue? Could it even mean you get shown the door!

As you can imagine data replication becomes an important consideration. Customers want to move data out of production system databases to reduce any performance impact from reporting, sometimes they simply want the data in a more flexible database to perform the reporting tasks required.

This was the case for our customer Kuoni (Formally Gullivers Travel Associates). They came to rely on DBMoto to ensure global sales offers that were taken by their customers were in fact still available due to the requirement to manage in excess of sixty million daily transactions across multiple databases.

Often, there is a desire to reduce the overhead to manage various different replication software and processes already in place. Maybe it's a struggle to find the resource to learn and manage the various replication methods or feel you are paying too much in licensing multiple software products, or in support, maintenance or consulting fees.

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