Software Development

A Little Bit About Us: Agile Software Solutions for Web, Cloud and Mobile.

Based on the edges of beautiful Dartmoor, Developer Solutions is the software development division of DSCallards.

At Developer Solutions we develop software solutions for the modern world and work together with our customers, partners and suppliers to invest in ever advancing technologies of the software industry. There is no doubt that we live in a fast moving and changing world and Developer Solutions builds sotware solutions specifically designed to utilise its customers' business insight.

Translating business requirements into actionable, useful and functional requirements is a major process in the software development cycle and there are many ways to solve a problem. Developer Solutions brings a long history of practical real world experience to deliver sound advice to modern every day scenarios presented from its broad range of customers.

Our role is to remove the complexity and avoid talking in the jargon-filled world of 'techno-geek', yet provide that same detailed technology requirement to provide cutting-edge real-world solutions to meet our customers' business requirements.

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