Syniti Data Replication (formerly DBMoto)

Do-It-Yourself Data Replication

You are no doubt already aware that DSCallards are a Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. Many of our customers have struggled with data replication to support the reporting needs of the business. It is this that has led DSCallards to become the UK distributor for Syniti Data Replication Software.

Syniti Data Replication (formerly DBMoto) software makes it easy to implement heterogeneous Data Replication, Change Data Capture, and Data Transformation capabilities — without the need for consulting services. Deploy and run powerful data replication features through an easy to use GUI and wizard-based screens — no stored procedures to develop, no proprietary syntax to learn, and no programming on the source or target database platforms.

Often, there is a desire to reduce the overhead to manage various different replication software and processes already in place. Maybe it's a struggle to find the resource to learn and manage the various replication methods or feel you are paying too much in licensing multiple software products, or in support, maintenance or consulting fees.

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