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Embedded database management for packaged business applications

Pervasive PSQL Vx Server

Pervasive PSQL Vx is the hypervisor friendly edition of Pervasive PSQL. Running your PSQL database application on a virtual machine with your favourite hypervisor from VMware, Microsoft or Citrix is now very, very simple to do. Customers are moving to virtual machines at an increasing rate, and virtualization is a fundamental component of running software in the Cloud, either for hosting or just shifting IT infrastructure. Pervasive PSQL Vx will help you get there. More

Pervasive PSQL

Mission critical data management infrastructure for packaged business applications. More

Pervasive AuditMaster

AuditMaster tracks access at the database level, providing an audit trail, alert notification and reporting. Whether the goal is reducing the risk of misuse and minimizing the effects of fraud or meeting increased expectations for security and privacy, businesses need to know what's happening with their data. More

Pervasive Backup Agent

Pervasive Backup Agent™ works with third-party backup software to ensure accurate, reliable point-in-time recovery for partial or complete backups. More

Pervasive DataExchange

Pervasive DataExchange™ offers targeted solutions to data movement and synchronisation problems like real-time backup and data synchronisation. More


If you are looking for more information about the Btrieve® Database Manager, you have arrived at the right place. Since 1982 (when our founders at SoftCraft first built and marketed Btrieve), Pervasive Software has been dedicated to providing world-class data-management systems to developers building business-critical applications. More

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