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  • “How do we provide our customers with full transparency into their delivery at all times?”
  • “We understand the benefits brought by technology, but how do we pay for it and who will implement the improvements?”
  • It’s an increasing challenge for us to stay on top of new advances in business processes”.

Introducing CALI: Cloud Analytics for the Logistics Industry

CALI is a fast, affordable way to get a real-time view of your business. It combines DSCallards’ deep understanding of the logistics industry with SAP Analytics Cloud technology to provide you with a powerful business intelligence and collaborative planning tool available at an affordable monthly subscription.

Optimise routes for efficiency and cut costs with CALI, an end-to-end cloud solution for logistics and distribution companies. Get real-time visibility into your business through a series of pre-built dashboard visualisations with drill-down reports showing the detail behind the KPI values.

Analytics in Logistics

"Improved operational excellence and productivity through Business Intelligence within our logistics business."

Through working with DSCallards and SAP BusinessObjects, Agility Chemical Logistics has significantly improved customer service and business results in one year through enhanced procurement and a deeper and more intelligent customer engagement. This has shifted management time from repetitive tasks to strategy and is changing the way the business operates from reacting to events, to seeking enhanced solutions and service improvements.

Download the Agility Chemical Logistics case study here.

FREE White Paper: How Data and Analytics Will Shape the Future of the Logistics Industry

The technological advancements of the last decade mean that many industries are in the midst of, or preparing for, significant changes in the way they operate. This is perhaps most obvious in the logistics industry, where uptake has generally been slow and opportunities to capitalise on the latest technology have often been missed. As the world changes around them, logistics companies are now dealing with a new range of problems and a new wave of customers with vastly different expectations.

Download this White Paper and see how Data and Analytics will shape the future of the logistics industry:
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Blog: The Benefits of Cloud-Based Analytics for Logistics Companies

In many ways, the logistics industry presents the perfect conditions for the user of cloud-based analytics. Logistics companies have to take into account reams of complex and constantly changing factors that influence their decision making on a minute-to-minute basis. Global supply chains now have more players, are more complex, and are generating more data points than ever before. Added to this, the industry is also seeing a higher level of competition with the traditional suppliers losing ground to smaller, more agile companies.

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Blog: How the Logistics Industry Can Use Analytics to Improve Business Processes

Waste in business is bad. It negatively affects your bottom line and can mean you’re using up to 20-30% of your revenue on inefficient and badly managed processes. Since the advent of robust data analytics tools, businesses everywhere have been striving to become more efficient in everything they do and identify numerous improvements to every process. This need to improve efficiency and business processes is keenly felt by the logistics industry – for several very good reasons.

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Blog: Top 5 Reasons Why Logistics Companies Should Embrace Digital Fitness Via Data and Analytics

Thinking about Digital Fitness is much the same as traditional, physical fitness. You need to practice to get better, and, you must start somewhere. The journey isn’t always going to be easy, but the benefits are obvious – we’re all aware of them.

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