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DSCallards Launch CALI

CALI: Cloud Analytics for Logistics Industry has been developed to optimise routes for efficiency and cut costs, an end-to-end cloud solution for logistics and distribution companies. CALI delivers real-time visibility into your business through a series of pre-built dashboard visualisations with drill-down reports. More.

"SAP BusinessObjects v QlikView"

In some contexts, SAP BusinessObjects and QlikView could be viewed as quite similar. They both, for example, sit towards the higher-input-higher-reward scale of Business Intelligence (BI) products. They also both need a higher level of expertise to get the most out of them when compared to other offerings. More.

Five Tips for Working from Home

For many people, they are experiencing Home Working for the first time. With consultants based around the country, DSCallards has been used to this concept for some time. Here are five tips from the pros on how to be effective whilst working remotely. More.

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