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Our SAP® BusinessObjects BI division lives and breathes Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. As SAP Gold Partners, whether you need support for a current installation, help with a migration or new implementation, we are here to guide you. More.


DSCallards is the leading provider of Yellowfin software and services in the UK. Complemented by our data warehousing experience, Yellowfin is a modern BI platform which delivers the full range of user interaction with data through a single interface.

SAP Data Integrator: Configuring Data Stores

Posted By Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect & Developer on March 23rd, 2017 One of the nice features of SAP Data Integrator that DTS just cannot compete with is how it deals with datastores at run time. For an overview let's think about how the process will normally work … View more

Universe 'month name' Object Orders Chronologically

Posted By Angus Menter, BI Practice Manager on January 16th, 2017 If you use a month name field (or convert a month number to name), it is a string object, so orders alphabetically in a report. The report users can change this with a custom sort but this is cumbersome. View more

Upsert [sic] with SAP Data Services? Don’t cry though ...

Posted by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect & Developer, on March 20th, 2017 So, recently I find myself heavily involved with SAP Data Services and data migrations, I know what you’re thinking … that's not real code!

View more
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